Founded in 1950, ILVA Glass is the first Italian company producing glass components. During the time, following the market needs, it has changed its culture from local to worldwide, adopting a "Global Organization".

General data

  • Name: Petraglas GmbH
  • Nation: Austria
  • Region: Carinthia
  • City: A-9300 St. Veit an der Glan
  • Street: Industrieparkstraße 14
  • Plant dimension: 9.000m²


  • ILVA Glass
  • ILVA Glass
  • Novatech Glass Ltd
  • ILVA Glass
  • PetraGlas GmbH
  • ILVA Glass

Short history of the group since 2004

  • 2011
    Increase of borosilicate market
  • 2009/10
    Expansion to China - New Solar Glass plant
    Expansion of Solar capacities Europe
  • 2008
    Increase in Solar capacities
  • 2007
    Increase of glass ceramic capacity
    Introduction of borosilicate production
    Foundation of PetraGlas GmbH
  • 2006
    Introduction of glass ceramic production
    Optimation of global production & logistics
  • 2005
    Growth in Italy - Expansion China
    New glass ceramic plant
    Introduction in solar glass market
  • 2004
    New development strategy in tecnical glasses